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Zamcart: Haul more. Make more.

Increase your carrying capacity by 4 times and cut your commute time in half.


Special offers come and go so please inquire about our current pricing at

Over the years, we have made the ZamCart stronger, lighter, and more affordable. Carrying produce from farm to market takes on a whole new meaning when there is a ZamCart attached to the back of your bicycle or motorcycle. We have a standard ZamCart, however, if you are interested in a bulk order, we are able to make modifications and build it to your requirements. Zambikes cares for our customers.

The ZamCart is built with durable 20” wheels, steel framing, and custom ball hitch that fit any bicycle or motorcycle. Try it for yourself.

Spares and Accessories

Zambikes offers spares and accessories for every product sold and for a range of other bicycle models including racing bicycles.

We also carry tools for start up mechanics and also for full time professional mechanics.

For a full list of Spares, Accessories and tools with pricing, email us on

If you are interested in selling spares or other products for us, contact us at

All of our products include delivery within Lusaka and we can also deliver outside Lusaka for an additional fee.

Zambikes offers on-site training and full mechanic schools for additional fees.

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