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Zambike Mukango

Mukango: No Gears. No Hassle. Our affordable Zambian bicycle

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Bearing all the same strengths of our six-speed, the Mukango is a hassle free, affordable single speed version of the Amaka Sana. Mukango has 26” wheels, high tensile steel frame with a lifetime warranty, a new unbreakable single piece crank, and a rear coaster brake hub with no cables to deal with. Keep it simple and keep it affordable.

Spares and Accessories

Zambikes offers spares and accessories for every product sold and for a range of other bicycle models including racing bicycles.

We also carry tools for start up mechanics and also for full time professional mechanics.

For a full list of Spares, Accessories and tools with pricing contact us at

If you are interested in selling spares or other products for us, contact us at

All of our products include delivery within Lusaka and we can also deliver outside Lusaka for an additional fee.

Zambikes offers on-site training and full mechanic schools for additional fees.

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