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Liability and Warranty Policy for
Bamboo Bicycle Frames

Zambikes Liability Policy:

Bamboo bicycles are not made for high performance riding or heavy off-road or downhill riding. Zambikes International takes no liability on a broken frame due to user riding the bicycle heavily off-road and/or off jumps. Zambikes takes no responsibility or liability for any user that has personal injuries or damages from riding the bamboo bicycle. Zambikes offers a three-year warranty policy on frames purchased (policy shown under “Warranty Policy”). Zambikes is not liable for any problems occurring from user error or crashing of the bicycle. What is considered normal wear and tear of the bicycle is not the responsibility of Zambikes.

Zambikes Warranty Policy:

In the instance that there is a dysfunctional or broken frame within the first three years due to a manufacturers defect, Zambikes will replace or repair the frame.

The defect must be documented with pictures and sent to Zambikes via email at


Limited Warranty and Liability for Zambian Products

Zambikes has a lifetime warranty on our steel bicycle frames. If there are any manufacturers defects in the frame or breakages please return the bicycle to Zambikes Headquarters in Lusaka, Zambia for replacement of frame. Zambikes has a 1 year warranty on all parts of our steel bicycles under manufacturers defect. Over-usage or wear and tear are not included in this warranty. If there is a manufacturers defect reported to Zambikes within the first year, we will replace the parts with the defect.