As our Vision stipulates Zambikes endeavor to produce and supply HIGH QUALITY BIKES to ALL the World, Our products have being accepted in Asian countries, European Countries, south and North American countries, Australia, and AFRICA. Our Bikes are handmade bikes and provides employment to Zambian and African people at large!!

   You are welcome to Join us in creating employments!

“Not Only Building Bikes But Changing Lives”

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The Board, Management and staff of Zambikes Company Zambia Ltd wish to express heartfelt condolences to the families of the fifty three [53] people who died in a road accident involving a Lusaka-bound post bus which collided with a truck in Chibombo area in Zambia on Friday. More News on http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-21373965

We pray that the Lord almighty grants the bereaved families comfort and strength during this very painful period. We wish the several injured travellers a quick recovery.

Zambikes Team!

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Zambikes is committed to changing lives by providing high quality bicycles to underprivileged and service minded Zambians. Through the pulpit of a bicycle Zambikes is developing leaders, training individuals and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. The vision is to be a self-sustaining organization, leading southern Africa in building and supplying high quality, customized bicycles.

Before the end of the YEAR of 2012.We sent our staff  (DANNY)  to Kabwe and train the non abled people those who cant speak nor hear but God has blessed them with hands, legs and the knweledge.  So as apart of our social responsibility we had to train them in the bicycle mechical skills and 20 of them got their Certificates and this they will be expanding their bicycle shop. Thank you for your support. If you are interested in partnering  with us by impacting people’s lives with Skills and with Christ please feel free to email us on information@zambikes.org or call us on +260.976.974928


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Make Plans for this Christmas 2012 by buying a special Gift for your Beloved one! A Bamboo Bike is unique and a special Gift!!

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Zambikes always put a smile on the face of its employees!!  Everyone is happy with the skill they have acquired while working!!!!

Diana enjoys sanding bamboo bikes she and her colleagues come early in the morning and make sure they prepare there targets for the day at least two bikes passes there stage using the KAIZEN style of quality check.

The Bamboo Bike is a unique product and Zambikes is enjoying manufacturing the

bikes and exporting them to over 40 countries around the world including Asia, North and South America, Europe, Australia and everyone is appreciating the product.

Zambikes will continue to expand and improve on the product as well employ more people and give them a skill. “Not only building bikes but Changing Lives”



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I enjoy doing what I do. This a great opportunity to show the world that Zambia can produce and export the best Bamboo Bike. My Job at Zambikes is to make sure that the seat post is very accurate thanks all for supporting Zambikes and for giving me an opportunity to work for Zambikes!!

Israel Mambwe –

Bamboo Bike Mechanics – Zambia

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Zambikes has teamed up with partners in Uganda in order to build products locally in Uganda. First, we shipped 100 ZamCarts from our Los Angeles project in 2011, now we are working with CA Bikes Uganda and other partners to establish local manufacturing of Zamcarts and Zambulances. We have built prototypes in country and we plan to begin piloting and distributing Zambulances and Zamcarts countrywide.

Zambikes Uganda’s goal is to set up a sustainable social enterprise (similar to Zambikes Zambia) that will provide the needed rural transportation products throughout Uganda by the end of 2013.

We thank God for using the founders of Zambikes as instruments in this company!

For more information check our site http://www.akerfa.org/projects/zambikes-uganda or www.zambikes.org

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BIKE Lovers, It’s happening again this weekend!!!


 Obert a Zambikes sponsored Champion is participating in another bike challenge at the Mulunguishi Dam in Kabwe. This is an MTB Race 120 KM and he has done well already in the previous races..

We hope the best for Obert. Go!!! Obert Go!!!!  Zambikes “Not Only Building Bikes but changing lives”. We are hoping that he will use the Bamboo bike again in this race.


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I recently became a proud owner of a completed zambike. I received the frame directly from you in may and have since completed the bike. It is an absolute joy to ride. I have attached a picture of the finished product.

I have noticed that there are no U.S dealers for Zambike and am curious what the process might be like in order to become an authorized dealer. I am a huge fan of the company and would like nothing more than to see it grow. What sort of things would I need to do or have in order to become an authorized dealer in the U.S?
Link for orders from Matt – https://www.facebook.com/zambianbamboo
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1.Here is our Zambikes LA team loading up their truck and sending ambulances to Congo. This is 4 months of training and hard work.

2.This is loading and unloading the elevator at Fred Jordan Mission where the ambulances were made. FJM is our partner for Zambikes and is situated on skid row. FJM feeds hundreds of people a day and Zambikes has come a long and been able to give some job skills and mentoring.





“Zambikes not only Building Bikes but Changing Lives”


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