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Company Overview

Our Mission:

Zambikes exists to change lives by developing and providing efficient transport solutions throughout Zambia.

OUR Vision:

To be the leading supplier of high quality and customized bicycles and accessories in the Southern African region.


Zambikes is a social business that manufactures, assembles and distributes high quality bicycles, bicycle ambulances and cargo bicycle trailers to the underprivileged, empowering individuals to fight the mindset of poverty and address the economic and social needs of Zambia.

The Zambikes (bicycles) are distributed to medical workers, pastors, teachers and developing entrepreneurs allowing each recipient to travel three times as fast than by foot.

The Zambulances (bicycle ambulances) address the transport bottleneck by allowing patients to be ferried to health facilities in a faster and more comfortable way.

The Zamcart (cargo bicycle trailer) allows the individual using it to carry up to three times more load (due to increased capacity of up to 300kg). This not only increases efficiency but also earning power.

The Zambikes bamboo bicycle frames are designed for the global market. Bamboo bikes are custom handcrafted by skilled Zambians, using locally grown and sustainably sourced materials. Each bamboo frame undergoes cutting, curing, drying, gluing, wrapping, sanding, and painting. The process to build a frame takes over 2 months.

How We Began:

Visiting Zambia on a University lead Missions trip in 2004, Dustin McBride and Vaughn Spethmann saw the positive impact and need for high quality bicycles not only in Zambia but throughout Africa. The first business plan was created at Azusa Pacific University for an Entrepreneur class in 2006 and quickly grew legs as Dustin and Vaughn decided to launch into Zambia in 2007. After a divine meeting with Gershom Sikaala and Mwewa Chikamba in July of 2007, they shared the vision of “turning Africa around one bike at a time” and the company roots began.

The following directors founded Zambikes as a Social Enterprise in August 2007:
Dustin McBride (US), Gershom Sikaala (ZM), Vaughn Spethmann (US), and Mwewa Chikamba (ZM).

Zambikes is set up as a Social Enterprise run as a for profit company that has a social footprint. Focusing on community development, vocational and leadership training, and developing relevant custom “Zambian” products makes Zambikes different than other Companies in Zambia. Zambikes is a VAT registered Company Limited by Shares in Zambia.

What We Believe:

Zambikes is founded on biblical principles. Success is measured by lives transformed and impact realized more than numbers for Zambikes.

Our core values include:

Building grassroots relationships that lead to the empowerment of Zambians through job creation, skills training, and providing bicycles and bicycle accessories as tools.

Aiding in sustainable economic development throughout Zambia by providing high quality bicycles and bicycle trailers that are manufactured, assembled and serviced by Zambians.

Improving the quality of products imported into and products being exported from Zambia.
Providing customer service as a top priority.

What we’ve done:

Since Zambikes launch in 2007, we have:

  • Assembled and delivered over 12,000 bicycles
  • Employed an average of over 30 Zambians
  • Custom designed and manufactured over 2000 Zambulances and Zamcarts
  • Built over 1800 custom Bamboo frames
  • Purchased 25 acres of land in Lusaka West and built our warehouse and community center
  • Provided education sponsorships for over 17 staff members

2015 Zambikes Company Profile:

Click here to view the company profile. (pdf)